Nipi Featured in EPPM Magazine!

The lovely crew over at EPPM have featured us and nipi on their site. We are super proud to be in such a prestigious engineering magazine and to also be featured

“The classic design conundrum”

The nipi was born out of what Guttery described as “a classic design conundrum”: how do you transport your drinks and snacks across stretches of road, field or sand and store them so they

will keep cool for more than a few hours without everything costing an arm and a leg? On the market now there are very expensive travel coolers that are capable of keeping drinks chilled for a week or more, while there are the chunky box coolers we all know and love that barely keep the milk cold for a picnic lunch.

But not only did Guttery’s client want a product that could keep his pop and sandwiches chilled from packing the car for Glastonbury, right up to the gruelling return drive, he wanted a gadget that was easy to carry, could charge a phone, keep valuables locked away safe, light up and look great.