World leader in 3D printing promotes axon

Stratasys, the world leader in 3D printing technology, recently caught up with Axon56 to talk about all things wearable, and how rapid prototyping technology has helped us to craft the next generation of smart technology.

Stratasys cornered us while we were finishing up with a prototype run for our new wearable smart band; take a look at the link here to see what we’ve been up to.


Wearables wearables wearables

The Axon56 team is keeping up with the current crop of wearables by trying out the new Withings Pulse and Basis 2014



We also tried a cheap and cheerful health tracker from ebay…… Lets just say it was not worth the effort! 😀 ( check the step count when we turned it on )





TCT magazine article

Luke Guttery from the Axon56 team has just been featured this month in TCT magazines 3D printing section. Luke has been discussing with TCT the endless possibilities of the new Connex colour 3D printer.

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